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We warrant all Chammock products to be free of defects in material or workmanship for a period of two (2) years from the date of purchase.  Also while using, remember to remove any sharp objects from your person, i.e. pocket knives, belt, car keys, necklaces and/or stilettos...Beware of  your pets, they’ve got sharp nails! All warranty issues are eligible for exchange. There will be no credits or refunds.If an Chammock product fails due to defects in workmanship or materials, within the warranty period, we will repair or replace the product free of charge. Be aware that this warranty is limited to the original purchaser only.

Before returning a product you must contact to get a return authorization number and shipping address. Remember to include your name and Paypal transaction ID  as returns depend upon your location. If you return an item because it's not as described in the listing, arrives damaged, or is missing parts, then your refund will be the total purchase price including item cost and other charges paid by the buyer. In these situations, we will provide a return shipping label and cover the costs.

The warranty does not apply to ordinary wear and tear of the products, nor in the event of abuse, neglect, carelessness, using the product in any way other than is intended, replacement with any part or accessory other than original chammock parts and products, or any attempt of repair or modification unless expressly permitted in writing by chammock.

Corrosion and deterioration caused by material fatigue after extended use is not covered by the warranty.  Damage due to wear and tear, misuse or neglect, while not covered under this warranty, may be repairable for a reasonable fee.  Please contact us about such a repair.

In no event shall Chammock's liability exceed the price of the individual product whose defect or damage is the basis of the claim. Chammock will not be responsible for any expenses which would be considered indirect, incidental or consequential damages.


Please contact the local retailer where the original purchase was conducted.

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