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  • The most Compact and easy to stow Hammock chair

  • Ingenious design provides a supportive upright seating position

  • Required only 120cm (4 feet) width to set up

  • Quick and easy set-up

  • Weight less than a can of coke.

  • Packed size smaller than mini ipad

  • The sides of the chair are open so you’re not get that “cocooned” feeling while sitting, and you can hang your arms out.

  • Special design on stress concentration area to extent your chammock life time


Chammock Original is inspired by the natives of Philippines who knit the bamboo into a chair. Thanks to modern waxing technology, the fiber can be super light and strong. We can transform the traditional hammock chair into the most compact and easy to stow ever - Chammock Original.

chammock hanging chair compare to mini ipad and books
chammock hammock chair compare to coca cola

Highlights of Chammock Original 

Weight less than a can of coke

Quick and easy set-up

Packed size smaller than mini ipad

Portable chammock hammock chair

Chammock  is so small that you can even carry it on a belt.

Comfy hanging chair
hammock chair compare to hammock
hammock chair compare to hammock

Chammock vs. Hammock

Chammock vs. Hammock


Kids love chammock hanging chair

Chammock is perfect for both adults and children

hammock chair compare to hammock

The “Chammock Original” is a hammock chair with small pack size, and weight less than a small can of cola. It is made from the highest quality nylon and lightweight aluminum carabiners for optimal safety. It is very easy to assemble, and only required small room to set up. Hung from trees, posts, boat masts and whatever you can find that is stable and range of 120cm (4 feet) or wider.

On “Chammock Original”, there are two pocket bags, one is on the top to stuff jacket inside as a pillow for better comfort, and the other one is on the bottom for storing the “Chammock Original” as well as storage when you sit on it. You can also stretch your arm and chat with your friends through the two holes beside. It also included one adjustment strap to adjust width between two carabiners for optimizing your comfort curve.Use it to remember your last comfort curve and replicate it.


As serious hikers, we also love hammock. However, it is not very comfortable to sit on one. When we sit on the hammock as chair, the edge of the hammock will actually press on our thigh since it is very tight when sitting on. On the other hand, it is also not going to give a good upright support.You are not going to enjoy it if having back issue.


That is why we design Chammock. It has an asymmetric cut, where the upper side is for supporting your back and the bottom side is for supporting your butt parts. You are going to feel like sitting on a real chair and it is also easier to get out of.

Chammock vs. Hammock


The ”Chammock Original” is lightweight , comfortable and easy to set up, therefore making it highly suitable for backpackers, hikers, campers or just occasional naps.

Where can I use it ?


Since it is really lightweight and compact, it can be easily set up anywhere. We usually use it during the hiking trips when you don’t really want to sit on cold stone or snow. It is also suited for reading and eating during the casual use at nearby park or even just in your own yard.

special design on chammock  hammock chair

Special design on stress concentration area to extent your chammock life time

 chammock hammock chair have pillow pocket
 chammock hammock chair have two storage pockets
cozy chammock hammock chair
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