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Chammock is Available now.

Hey ,

Chammock is finally available in store now.

We would like to thanks for being patient.

We also want to explain the difficulties which we are facing during the manufacturing processes. The factory we are working with is a professional outdoor goods manufacturer which specialized in tent and tarp more than 40 years here in Taiwan. They started to manufacture this product from March right after the fabric was done.

First of all, we would like to show you the changes from the original design to the finalize product. Please find the following two pictures.

Figure. 1

Figure. 2

You can find the changes from the Figure 1 and 2, we added webbing on every junction and stress concentration areas after the test. It is to extent the product life cycle. However, this manufacturing process is time and cost consuming, and it bring us some manufacturing problems.

The fabric we ordered is 40D N66 Nylon which is really strong, lightweight and thin.There is height difference at the junction between the fabric and the webbing. The height difference keeps thread breaking frequently, and it is easy to cause uneven surface. We tried with the factory for several weeks to solve those problems. In the end, the factory bought new machines to manufacture our products.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Chammock Team

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