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Performed 10,000 sitting test on Chammock !!!

Dear All,

Thanks for your patience.

Please see the following for the test results and schedule.

1. Test result

1.1 10,000 sitting cycle test

We had performed 10,000 times sitting cycle test on our latest sample from the factory. We took pictures on section A and B after 500, 1500, 3000, 4500, 6000, 7500, 9000 and 10,000 times sitting.

Please see the pictures below.

Section A

Section B

Section A - 1

Section A - 2

Section B - 1

Section B - 2

As you can see above, there are no significant damage on the stress concentration section A and B. You might found some pinholes in the interface areas after several times used. We found those pinholes on section A during our first 500 sitting test.Nevertheless, those pinhole were just slightly enlarge and didn’t affect the function and safety of the Chammock itself after 10,000 sitting cycle test. The Chammock body is still very robust.

Pinholes (After 10,000 sitting cycle test)

1.2 Loading test

We put 265 lbs (120Kg) on chammock and hang it outside for 5 days, and we took pictures on Day 1, Day 3 and Day 5. Please see the test result below.

Day 1

Day 3

Day 5

Heavy rain occurred on Day 1 and Day 3, but it did not cause any damage on Chammock. The Chammock is still in well function under 265 lbs (120Kg) loading after 5 days, and It works just fine even under wet condition.

1.3 Review : 

After 10,000 sitting test and loading test

Section A - 1 :After 10,000 sitting test and loading test

Section A - 2 : After 10,000 sitting test and loading test

Section B - 1 : After 10,000 sitting test and loading test

Section B - 2 : After 10,000 sitting test and loading test

We had performed 10,000 sitting test and loading test on Chammock , and the body of Chammock is still very robust after the test. We believe it is safe under normal use. However, with normal exposure to the elements over time, the fabrics and straps may become brittle. For your own safety, Make sure you check every time before use.

2) Schedule

The testing results were great, and we are ready to start manufacturing. As it is the end of year, the manufacturing processes will be longer. We will need 60 days to manufacture our first batch of Chammock. Thank you very much for your understandings.

Best Regards,

Chammock Team

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