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Japan's cat islands

Tashirojima in Miyagi Prefecture, is Japan's best-known feline isle.It usually goes by the name Cat Island.Dogs have been barred from Tashirojima for as long as anyone can remember.

The island's cats vastly outnumber its human population.Tashirojima's furry inhabitants are well cared for by local fishermen, who hope to ensure a good catch by leaving offerings at a cat shrine.The island's most prominent structure, the Manga building and campsite, is embellished with a pair of pointy ears, in tribute to the island's lucky charms.

Cat's heaven in Taiwan

The riverside town of Houtong, Taiwan, fell into feline celebrity by accident.


Houtong once sat on top of Taiwan's largest coal mine.When the mine closed in the 1990s, the town's population dwindled.Then some new, furry residents arrived.The Houtong Coal Mine Ecological Park  was established to showcase the mining heritage of the town and surrounding hills.But visitors mostly come to photograph the 120 or so playful cats, who laze around the Cat Village and soak up the fuss -- and inevitable treats.

"Tama" the cat station master in Japan

Some 30 minutes from central Wakayama City in southeast Japan is the quiet, rural neighborhood of Kinokawa.

Despite the area's un-remarkableness, its train station attracts no shortage of visitors, most under the age of 12.

These tourists may not know what there is to see or do in wider Kinokawa, nor do they seem particularly interested -- all they want to do is visit Kishi train station, which serves Kinokawa.

They come seeking time, and hopefully a photo, with Kishi's stationmaster, a calico cat named Tama.

Tama’s duty is napping in her office (a converted ticket booth) and her salary is practical -- an unlimited supply of cat food.

Most tricks performed by a cat

Who say's cats can't learn... Didga, adopted from the shelter, successfully performing 20 tricks to earn her a place in the new Guinness World Records 2017 edition book. Didga completed tricks varying from rolling over to jumping over a bar whilst on a skateboard.

Watch the video here.

The World's Biggest House Cat

Ludo is the Longest Domestic cat in the World, he was measured on Oct 6th 2015 by the Guinness World Records at 118.33cm (3 ft 10.59 inch) He weighs 34lbs

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