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We love outdoor activities- a lot. 


This idea came from one of our trips from Patagonia to Yellow stone Nation Park. We have hammocks with us, but very little chance to use it. While hiking or camping, the hammock is not very easy to set up in the wild. It needs two solid items in between 300-360 cm (10-15 feet). On the other hand, the hammock is designed for laying not for seating, you will find difficulty to sit on it to read or have a decent meal. When you sit on the hammock, your back can’t count on it. So you can only sit for a very short period of time. That is why we come up with the idea – Chammock Original.

Since we understand the size and weight really matter for those hiker and climber, we try to minimize the size and weight as much as we can. After dozen of prototypes we had tried , the final design offers not only easy assembly but also with its construction based on durable, high-quality materials.




No.232, Sec. 4,

Meichuan W. Rd., North Dist.,

Taichung City, Taiwan (R.O.C), 40462


3222 south Fox street
Englewood, CO 80110





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